ArtistReach reviews “Been Looking For”

Couple of weeks ago I got in touch with @JustynBrodsky An Audio Producer at NBC which is also the CEO of | This dude and his team are doing an amazing work by giving professional music reviews. I got the amazing opportunity to be reviewed by him and his team “here the link” I am deeply humbled and amazed at the detail and professionalism that this people have! Go check out their work. It’s definetly eye catching.

Thanks so much. Much success for you & your team. 



The 15 of February I got my DM hit by @1800RACHETA This dude asked me to perform the following day “16” To bring out some positivity in all this scrambled eggs with the wall, and Donald Trump. You already know I said yes. It was really interesting I got to freestyle some words full of unity. We all wish to bring some love because we see how there’s so much people missing it. We want this 2017 to be a year of unity. This year we say #YEStoUNITY

ShoutOut to @stigmattaa He has a really unity type of flow when he goes just as @1800RACHETA You can find them up on Instagram.



When you are from a Latino community you just have to get with your home boys to create some TRAP. I suddenly decided that I wanted to bring this idea to life with some of my Dominican friends which just love it xD! Funny enough it’s coming out perfectly.

I will leave a link to a small update on my IG account! Hope you enjoy it ❤


I felt that I needed a party anthem, and knowing myself “LOL” Of course I did it. Lucky enough I got in contact with the head of Craddle Records who invited me to a private performance which was full of energy. Meet with many upcoming artists. Amazing artists and people. Wonderful experience.

Here a small clip of me performing this unreleased single ❤